Royal Penthouse

Royal Penthouse

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A high-end apartment in a vibrant, up-and-coming area in Rotterdam: Rijnhaven District.


The interior:

This wonderfully large penthouse is spaciously laid out with a lot of natural light thanks to the number of windows. This created the opportunity to use a deep blue colour as a base. The space is divided by walls and custom cabinetry to create smaller spaces. Each cupboard is unique and has two functions. There are seating areas all around and the kitchen forms the heart of the space; together, yet separate. The furniture is organic and the lighting geometric. The home is playful thanks to the diversity in the design and the combination of colours. The master bedroom has its own rest room with all the accompanying facilities. Both the features and the finishes provide a great feeling of luxury.


Colours and materials:

Matte deep blue as a base, combined with brass. This material dominates and therefore defines the rest. The use of wood and upholstery softens the effect. The floor lends a more rugged appeal; this also applies to the natural stone in the bathroom. Together, they create a lavish interior with a great variety of materials. After looking around a few times, this home will give you a rich overall picture.


 “Designed to make life noticeably easier”