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Earth Villa

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Earth Villa

Exterior and materials

In a quiet and unique setting between several major cities, the residents enjoy the atmosphere, tranquillity, ease of living and comfort that this new, custom-designed home offers them every day. The villa’s high-contrast exterior is characterised by clean lines and expansive windows that ensure connection with the surroundings and supply generous amounts of natural light. Warm shades of grey and the colour black form the colour palette of the home’s exterior, which exudes warmth, unity and serenity. The astonishing level of attention to detail, natural materials and perfect finishes enhance the allure of this new-build villa.

Raw materials, such as concrete and stucco, and a dark colour palette lend an urban feel to the home and combine beautifully with the natural materials that were used, including linen, wood and fabrics. The generously sized, organically shaped lamps add interest and create visual contrast in relation to the sleek architecture. The connection between the stylish living spaces creates delightful flow in this warm, luxurious and inviting home. The eye-catching, bespoke furniture enriches the ambience and comfort of the home, which is a reflection of the client’s soul. A home that simply makes you smile.


Client’s review


“Every room I enter makes me genuinely very happy. It’s like I’m away for a long weekend in a house that’s been so tastefully decorated, the kind you really only come across in magazines. Yet I don’t have to leave at the end of the weekend—it’s home.

When I came across Studio Mariska Jagt’s work online, I knew right away: if there’s one studio we should turn to for the interior design of our new home, it’s this one. My hunch was already confirmed during the intake. From that first meeting, there was an instant click, which is nice when you’re handing over your entire interior and thus committed to each other for a fair amount of time.

The journey that followed was like a celebration in which we got to unwrap an even nicer gift at each stage. Curiosity stimulated, patience rewarded. The ideas on how to approach the rooms, the floor plans, the materials, the suggestions for the lighting and furniture, everything was spot on every time. And then the guidance during execution… How wonderful to have someone who critically ensures that what has been conceived comes to life. Critical about colour, materials, finishing. More critical than we ourselves! So that it’s not only right on paper, but also in real life.

The party didn’t stop with the task at hand. The studio likes to go the extra mile and surprised us with regular courtesies, fun events and sincere personal attention. Throughout the entire process, and afterwards as well. It’s awesome that we finally get to live in that cool interior designed by Studio Mariska Jagt. And at the same time, it’s also a pity that it’s finished—I’ll miss the celebration and the lovely interaction.”