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Javastraat Residential home

The location
The house is located in a historic building on the Javastraat, with a spectacular view of Plein 1813 (historic square). Thanks to its grandeur and size, the building is a veritable city palace in the centre of The Hague.

The interior
The home is located in a former council chamber dating back to about 1860. The historic character of the building is unreservedly breathtaking. In order to maintain this, we very carefully added new elements that honour the original atmosphere. The mostly black furniture contrasts with the white walls and decorative plaster. In order to maintain a feeling of spaciousness in the rooms, the bedrooms have an open connection with the bathrooms. The wooden herringbone floors provide a warm and comfortable ambience.

Colours and materials
Natural materials such as marble, steel and wood feature heavily in the interior of the home. The interior remains classical but exciting thanks to the use of contrasting colours, such as black details on a white surface.

“It’s a wonderful challenge to find the perfect balance between historical classicism and sleek contemporary design.”{:}