Villa Voorschoten

Villa Voorschoten

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Villa Voorschoten

The location

Peaceful villa in Voorschoten

Stylish, customised interior design

The impressive entrance hall provides a pleasant introduction to the villa. Together with the large glass sections in the façade, the void created in the hallway provides light, air and space, which results in a serene overall appearance. The beautiful lighting accentuates the height of the room, with the organic shapes of the light fixtures contrasting beautifully with the clean lines of the staircase.

A large pivot door separates the entrance from the generously proportioned living spaces on the ground floor, which exude atmosphere, comfort and tranquillity. The perfect place to completely unwind after a long day full of stimuli, work pressure and distractions.

Studio Mariska Jagt opted for an earthy colour palette and elegant, custom-made grey woodwork. The floor plan’s open character and the many windows enhance the peaceful atmosphere. The floor flows into the walls, forming a whole. The roomy and stylish sofa in the living room is the perfect place for a cosy evening with the family; the fireplace next to the sizeable TV cabinet provides extra warmth and atmosphere in the room. The sophisticatedly furnished dining room is in close contact with the garden which extends beyond it.

The hand-made pendant lamps with their organic shapes provide a playful touch and play a beguiling game with the rest of the interior. The handmade creations also add purity to the home. The art and portraits are subdued yet outspoken and reflect the soul of the residents.