About Studio Mariska Jagt

Studio Mariska Jagt creates unique, bespoke, high-end designs for residential and hospitality environments. With an intense desire to provide others with a home that feels like a warm welcoming embrace, the Studio’s inspired team designs in our signature ‘Quiet Luxury’ style—designs that exude serene and warm elegance as well as refined luxury, both for the interior and exterior. Moreover, Studio Mariska Jagt designs highly innovative elements, stylish and comfortable furniture, powerful yet understated products and beautifully styled accessories. My personal interest and background in psychology is the basis for our approach, in which the team sincerely listens to the real needs of the client. This results in an environment that is not only beautiful, but where the client feels completely at home and at ease.

Quiet Luxury | A Studio Mariska Jagt design radiates luxury and comfort without being garish or ostentatious. By applying the power of simplicity, every design is singular in its strength. We only include that which matters or adds value to the total design, making every object unique (almost like a work of art).

Sophisticated | The sense of refinement in a Studio Mariska Jagt design comes across through the proportional and repetitive use of harmonious natural colors, shapes and materials. This results in an elegant design that is always balanced and exudes tranquility and space.

Warm Elegance | Studio Mariska Jagt designs feel like a ‘warm embrace’ by striking the right balance between the application of refined simplicity and the use of warm colors, comfortable fabrics and materials and a sophisticated lighting plan.

Good Taste | Good taste in a design by Studio Mariska Jagt means it is an instant classic, like a pair of favorite pair of jeans or a crisp white shirt: always modern and stylish without ever trying too hard.

About Mariska Jagt

Mariska was already letting her creativity run wild at an early age. She drew, created and dreamed of a future as an interior designer. A tragic skiing accident at the age of 17, in which Mariska was seriously injured and her boyfriend and his brother were killed, made the dream of studying at an art academy too big a step, however. Instead, Mariska studied tourism and psychology, but her dream never faded, fuelled by the feeling that she had been given a second chance at life. Her driving force became getting the most out of life and going for the very best.

The knowledge she acquired through her two degrees gave her a broad and solid foundation, and that was strengthened by the experience she gained as a multifunctional employee in the hotel business. Yet still, she felt like something was missing. To unleash her immense creativity, she had to follow her heart. She did so in 2007, after the birth of her first two children. She spent three years researching, thinking, speaking with others, looking around and, above all, learning. It was an exciting and educational journey of discovery that resulted in the realisation of her ambition in 2010: her own design studio. She worked alone at her kitchen table, but her dreams were big. Very big. And she put them into action, reaping the benefits of her previously acquired knowledge and experience mentioned above. After all, in her dream job, psychology, hospitality, travel and creativity converge beautifully.

In the years since, Studio Mariska Jagt has grown to become a leading specialist in interior design, architecture and product design for high-end residential and hospitality projects in the Netherlands and abroad. Mariska no longer works alone these days — a team of passionate, creative employees assist the owner/creative director daily in realising clients’ dreams.

The studio’s portfolio covers a wide range of projects: from villas to hotels to public spaces to large scale projects. With her personal style, which she describes as ‘quiet luxury’, Mariska infuses layers into designs characterised by their serenity and restraint. When it comes to luxury, it’s all about the materials.

In her spare time, Mariska enjoys being with her partner, Jean-Louis Flier, and her three children and relaxes by doing all sorts of sports, especially those on the beach because she loves both surfing and kite surfing. Mariska also enjoys nature, the sea, travelling, cooking and photography. And she still has big dreams: becoming the premier design studio in the Netherlands, that is her new goal. And if Mariska has something in mind…